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Meet the Inspire 1 Coach

Greetings, I’m Coach BeJay! I’m the Inspire 1 coach. is where I share motivation for personal development for management professionals and online therapy options with you—hopefully sparking your excitement so that you can nurture your own goals, your purpose in life, passions, and how to motivate yourself to be successful and win in life. I am presenting to you many blog posts, and therapy resources on taking the initiative on being 1% better each day.

The plan of being 1% better each day is to position you on consistent progress and to build momentum. There may be 1 reason why you are not making progress or many reasons. The goal of the inspire 1 coach blog is to hopefully identify a pressure point. Once the pressure point is triggered. I am then hoping for a response that you want to make a change and eliminate what’s holding you back. The Inspire 1 Coach blog will help you heal, build, elevate, and WIN in life. The blog posts are written to suggest taking daily action through self-reflection, self-accountability, and self-motivation.

Be encouraged and start by taking one step each day towards your goal. The Inspire 1 Movement’s main objective is to commit you to become 1% better each day once you establish a legit starting point from which to build. Being 1% better doesn’t stop at 1 percent. If you can give 10, 50, 75, or 100 is fantastic. But just in case, being 1 percent better will command you to do something each day to keep the momentum and consistency in the right direction.

Get ready to be inspired! The Inspire 1 Coach is all about personal growth, leadership, and success. With over 20 years of experience as a management professional, I know what it takes to achieve and sustain personal growth while balancing your career, relationships, and personal life. Through my success and challenges, I desire to help share insight on personal development motivation.  From retail to finance, sales to manufacturing, they have provided vision, direction, and execution in every industry I’ve worked in.

My versatility is unmatched, and I can adapt to help any leader heal, build, expand, and grow to provide the initiative needed to drive success. I am passionate about helping management professionals reach their full potential. By providing suggestions for personal growth, self-help, personal development, and entrepreneurship, I am dedicated to contributing to your success of you.

The Inspire 1 Coach is not your average coach. I am excited to work with management professionals that are ready to take their growth to the next level.

If you’re looking for a results coach that is passionate about your success, look no further than The Inspire 1 Coach. With my progressive career, real life experience, strong exposure, and dedication to growth, I am the perfect partner for any management professional looking to take their personal growth to the next level. Get ready to be inspired and achieve success like never before with The Inspire 1 Coach!

My journey

The inspire 1 coach comes from my life journey which includes professional and personal. . Due to my challenges of being inconsistent, procrastination, lack of focus, and following through, I had to figure out a way to make consistent progress toward my goals, desires, and purpose. I follow the principle of being 1% better daily. Life has its ups and downs; the path of life has seemed so long and wavering. With or without sound direction our responses or the only thing that matters.

Why? Our responses dictate our future. How we see, think, say, and feel controls our return in life. With that being said I had no idea how important wisdom is until I made a lot of life-learning decisions. I’m not perfect by a long shot. I looked back over my life and all the difficulties I had faced. I have not always been the best person.

I have not always made the best decisions and it has not been easy for me to stay positive. I made mistakes, I took wrong turns, and I stumbled many times. But I learned from these mistakes. I never stopped believing, that one day I’d reach my destination and I’d be there with flying colors. Now I want to share through theinspire1coach.

And so, I did, I finally made it here, after all the struggles and hardships I had gone through. I didn’t make it alone. I had faith by my side. I have family and friends, mentorship, and hope, and I read uplifting material. My thoughts, my words, my sight, and my emotions, and combined were all I needed to make it. The inspire 1 coach will be instrumental in providing reason and insight to be balanced and seek more in life.

Keeping the Faith

Due to searching and trying to understand me. The relationships overall I had been in were all up and down for the most part. I had a difficult time maintaining healthy relationships. My career has been a rollercoaster ride. Even if I tried to, I couldn’t seem to find that proper balance I so desired. I felt like an underachiever, an unappreciated one too. The bottom line is I knew it was more to life. I knew there was more to me. And I was searching for answers the best way I knew.

Just when I felt like I was at my lowest, something inside me shifted. I had a newfound desire to build myself up and positively impact the world. I knew I had my share of difficulties, but I made a commitment to myself to try my best, each and every day.

I took a deep breath and exhaled; I was determined to make it here no matter what. I had to build and keep the faith, I had to believe in myself. I had to be strong for myself, my family, and my career. I had to be the best version of myself with or without the balance I so desperately sought.

Being Determine

So, I took one hesitant, yet determined step forward and I never looked back. With each step I felt my strength growing, that’s what has brought forth the initiative of being 1% better. I felt more and more positive, and I built my faith. I’m still building and will continue. I slowly see progress. I started having nice things to say to myself.

I am overcoming procrastination, Low self-esteem, and increasing personal development. I have started seeing small changes within myself and in my life. I appreciate the joys of life, instead of focusing on the negative. I learned to fight through difficult moments and to make the best decisions for my future. I even found the courage to open up and build relationships in the process.

And I forever kept the faith, faith in me and in the world. For it was that faith that kept me going till the end and I will forever keep it wherever life takes me.

I have gained a new perspective, and my faith only seemed to get stronger. It hasn’t been an easy journey- but I keep pushing through and I’m evolving every day as a person. And although I’m not perfect, I know that each day I strive to be the best version of myself. If I can do it, you Definity can. It’s your time!


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