4 Ways to Identify What You Really Want to Achieve in Life

 what you want in life

Are you able to identify what you really want? Imagine if you could live life the way you wrote It out. What would you really want to achieve in life? What would you write? Do you have your notepad nearby?

You have a LOT of untapped potential, which is why you keep getting yourself into situations that don’t quite work out. You have the drive and determination to get through any trouble you encounter, but without a clear idea or plan of where you’re heading, there’s a limited chance you’ll succeed.

The key to unlocking your full potential lies in identifying what really matters to you. As Socrates said: “The only thing we achieve in life is hidden from us. But if we know how to find it, we will find it.” The sooner you figure that out — and the sooner you start acting on it — the better your life will be. Here are four expert tips for helping you do just that:

What you really want to achieve?

You’re used to living your life one way (with a good dose of passion and enthusiasm). But now you’re at a crossroads; you need to decide which path to take if you want to succeed.

When you’re in this kind of confusion it can be helpful to step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: What do I really want out of life? If you could choose just one thing — which one thing would make your life the most worthwhile?

The answer may surprise you. It’s normal to feel a lot of different things when you discover what you genuinely want. What matters is that you sit with them and learn what they mean, so you can use them to make better decisions in the future.

Take the time to reflect on your values

If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, try keeping a Journal for a while. Grab a small pocket-size notepad and take notes and when ideas come write them down.

I have notebooks everywhere.  You’ll gain an amazing amount of insight and clarity from the process — and it doesn’t even have to be for an entire month. Write down everything that’s on your mind — every thought, every feeling, and every aspect of your life that comes up.

This is your opportunity to identify what matters most to you. And once you know that you can apply it to your career, relationships, and personal goals.

Understand how your emotions influence your decisions

Your decisions are largely driven by your emotions. A person who is determined to succeed will be able to override these emotions and make good decisions — while a person who is completely ruled by them will do the opposite.

Successful people know how to use their emotions to their advantage — they don’t let them control them completely. They identify the emotional triggers that drive their decisions and make conscious decisions based on them. This way they can be successful and happy at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to change course if necessary

To achieve success, you need to be willing to change your path if necessary. You can’t expect to arrive at your goals using the same old, predictable ways. Change is difficult for most people, but it’s necessary.

The best way to deal with change is to take control of it. You can’t expect change to come to you if you don’t take the initiative to seek it out. There are three ways you can control the change process:

  • First, you can change your actions by changing what you do.
  • Second, you can change your thoughts by changing what you think about.
  • Third, you can change your feelings by changing what you feel

Identifying your purpose is a key step on your way to finding your purpose. Your purpose in life is to tap into your full potential and live a life full of purpose, passion, and enjoyment.

I discovered that we all want to live life on our own terms. What massive actions are you taking part in to make that happen?


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