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How to move forward to consistent happiness

move forward

Time to move forward

It’s time to move forward. Want to achieve balance in your life and mindset? Check out these tips on how to achieve balance in your life. The big question is…… Where do you begin?

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Can you move forward?

The general but accurate statement of life happens vibrates so intensely amongst many of us. The past traumatic experiences and painful memories in life have taken their toll. The past hurts in your life have overwhelmed you, but you want to move forward.

How can you move forward? Do you have the energy to correct the patterns that have limited your life progress? 

Stay Focused

How can you move forward past the events and past pain that continue to dominate your thoughts? These very thoughts invade your mind and cause inconsistent decision-making that stops positive forward momentum. 

How do you get past feeling like you are not good enough? Taking two steps forward only to feel like you are going five steps back,

Life is full of difficulty. There is no question about that!

And despite wanting to keep positive, your hope is leaving quickly. Is there a correction in sight?

Something is not right with my thoughts

The Negativity, toxicity, and unhappiness of this world have challenged your belief in love and goodwill towards humanity and even more towards yourselves.  

There is a high chance that you have been through pain and suffering at the hands of others. You may have had a difficult upbringing or always seem to be in uncomfortable situations. Fear and lack of trust in self or others are constant thoughts. So now not only do you not trust yourself, but you don’t trust others either. The question then arises, do I have any hope? Am I to blame? Or do I blame someone else? Have the hardships you have faced in life been too much to overcome?    

Confused and troubled reactions are valid emotions and feelings to have. However, you must work through them. Do not get caught in the whirlwind that everything and everyone is against you and no matter what you do nothing seems to work out. If not, be careful you will be casting yourself in the role of the victim. It might be easy to play the victim role, but it only holds you, a prisoner, to resentment and bitterness.  You can recognize that your feelings are justified but you also must acknowledge that they keep you trapped in unhappiness.   

What’s standing in your way?

 There may be a lot of things that stand in your way. There will be obstacles that you can do nothing about, but there are plenty of obstacles that you can eliminate.  

You choose whether to view something as negative or positive. The ability to embrace positivity will result in you feeling happier, stronger, and more empowered. Choosing negativity makes you the victim and makes you gloomy and weaker. There’s power in searching for the positive aspect.

How do you choose to view life?

In your life, can everything in your life work together for your good? You can forgive but don’t forget. You can look at yourself as an overcomer. You can take lessons in life move forward and apply a positive spin where it can be beneficial for you moving forward. It does not mean the pain or memories go away, but with the right view, you can rise above past experiences. While constantly ruling how you think and respond to life.

Science has proven that you can improve your health, career, and relationships simply by improving how you think about yourself and the world around you.  Some even believe that our thoughts and beliefs can have an even more substantial effect on our health than modern medicine.


Life has a way of leaving us with truly little hope. Our thoughts can wander all over the place in life.

Life can throw us off balance and cause us to burn out.

However, with the right perspective, we can move forward and take the lemon lessons life has to offer and turn them into good Ol’ lemonade.

This will not be an easy task.

I would recommend that you take the time to build yourself up so that you can move forward, making consistent progress toward happiness.

Applying positive affirmations, writing down a personal vision, focusing on areas in your life that uplift you and bring achievement, not being so critical, and building self-worth by consistently acknowledging the great qualities you possess and present to your family and the people of this world are a few tips.

And if that doesn’t work just know that there are other resources such as therapy that are available to you.

move forward

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