How to Find Peace in Difficult Times.


Find Your Peace

When darkness and fear enter your mind. How do you find peace? What do you do next? You can sometimes feel unbalanced and unrelatable while living in this world.

As a result of the situation and circumstances that have consumed you, good thoughts are no longer regular or normal for you. Whenever a negative thought arises, you feel attacked from every angle.

While you recognize that depression is here, your goal isn’t to give in to it but to have a few seconds of optimism to build momentum so that you will regain control and defeat the darkness that has overcome you.

There were times when the darkness would consume me. It would sneak up on me unaware, and before I even knew what was happening, it had taken root. Thoughts would race through my head, thick and fast, making it impossible to think straight. I would feel like I was drowning, and the only thing that could save me was to give in and let the darkness take me.

But then I would find a spark of light, a moment of clarity. And I would fight back. I would remind myself that there were good thoughts out there, that there was beauty in the world, that I had family that depended on me and loved me, and that there was something to fight for. I would build that momentum and use it to defeat the darkness and fear in my mind.


Difficult times always find us, don’t they? Lately, things have been tough. Your job seems more challenging than ever before. The people and situations you encounter seem more negative than usual. You might wonder how you keep from sinking under the weight of all this.

Fortunately, there are some surprising ways that you can find peace in difficult times. A great way to do so is through a practice called active detachment. This refers to how we handle different types of stress and adversity in our lives so that we’re not affected by them too much or so deeply that they take over our lives and make us miserable in the long term.

Passive detachment means we give in to stress and let it affect us deeply, whereas active detachment is the exact opposite of that. Active detachment is about finding a balance between giving into stress and letting it pass naturally without stirring up any unnecessary turmoil inside of us. Here are a few ideas on how you can get started with active detachment:

Don’t Dwell on the Past

Dwelling on the past can cause us to be incredibly unhappy and regretful about things that happened in our lives and the choices we made. This can have a negative impact on people in our lives and leave us with no peace. We may even feel like we have nothing to look forward to or are missing important aspects of our lives because of what happened in the past.

So, when we catch ourselves feeling down about something that happened months or years ago, we can remind ourselves that we don’t have to let that memory or regret haunt us forever. We can actively detach from it by simply reminding ourselves that we don’t need to keep dwelling on it. Remind yourself that dwelling on the past will not solve anything. It might only make you feel worse and sadder. So, don’t do it.


Stay Focused on the Now

Often, when we’re dealing with a lot of stress, we can get sucked into thinking about the past or the future. Once we do that, we start to lose sight of what’s happening in the present. We can actively detach from this by staying focused on the now.

This doesn’t mean we have to stay in a mindless or bored state. It means that we have to stay in the present moment as much as possible. This can help us detach from situations, people, and even ourselves so that we aren’t affected so deeply by the difficulties we’re experiencing.

Make it a Top Priority to Change Things Up

If we find ourselves in the same stressful situation over and over again, we can start to feel overwhelmed or even stuck. It might be a situation at work or it might be a long-term relationship. If we feel this way, we can actively detach from it by making it a top priority to find a way to change things.

This doesn’t mean that we have to jump into a completely different situation outside of our control, but it does mean that we have to find a way to change the situation that’s causing us the most stress. We can change our work priorities. We can change the way we do our job. We can change the way we interact with certain people at work.

We can change our approach to certain situations. We can change up our relationship. We can make it a top priority to find a way to change things up so that we aren’t affected so deeply by our current difficulties. When we put forth the effort to balance our life we invite peace of mind.


Difficult times can bring us a lot of stress and difficulty. We may find ourselves feeling disappointed in ourselves or our circumstances. We can actively detach from this by reminding ourselves that we don’t have to dwell on the past or worry about the future.

We can stay in the present and make it a top priority to change the situation that’s causing us the most stress. Doing so can help us detach from the situation and move on with our lives.

So, don’t feel down about difficult times. Find a way to detach from them and you’ll be happier, healthier, and more grounded.

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